Ivan Murit

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Based in Paris
+33 (0)6 52 73 60 19
Ivan Murit manipulates shapes and colors through computer programming. He devises systems wich create forms. His researches in the visual field and his interests in computational biology brought him to use agorithms taken from nature's scientific models, questioning the ways in which we produce our images in this era of automation. His works often takes the form of production processes or even tools.

Residency : Transat, Ministry of Culture (Paris)
Personal exhibition : Empreintes Biologiques, les ateliers de Bitche (Nantes)
Workshop : Olivier-de-Serres, design school(Paris)

Collective exhibition : Felicia, Diffusion Time (Paris)
Exhibition : EP7, Cénotaphes LED screens version (Paris)
Workshop : Olivier-de-Serres, design school(Paris)

Collective exhibition : DOC, Cénotaphes (Paris)
Collective exhibition : Floréal, Diffusion time (Paris)
Collective exhibition : Diffusion time (Beograd, Serbia)
Collective exhibition : Automates cellulaires (Pantin)
Workshop : Septante-Cinq art school (Brussels)
Publication : Algorithmes Naturels, .txt 3

Lecture : Impersonate, Human/Machine at iMAL (Brussels)
Residency : Création en Cours, ministère de la culture (France)
Exhibition : Impersonate, at iMAL (Brussels)
Jury : Student competition at the International Biennal of graphic design (Chaumont)

Workshop : Septante-Cinq art school (Brussels)
Workshop : Eugénie Cotton visual communication school (Montreuil)
Residency : Villa Medicis, Visual art Laureat (Rome)
Collective exhibition : Transient Festival (Paris)
Publication : Diplôme, Étape magazine n°234

Concept and developpement of TexTuring software
Production for Global Proxy exhibition, with Nicolas Maigret (Paris)