Ivan Murit

info blog

Theorical writing about the use of algorithms taken from natural sciences models to produce artifacts. It deals with the context and the results of this practice. How is algorithmic design redefining concepts such as naturality, scientifics models, autonomy and autorship ?

Context of the study

The nature with its flood of forms was here before humanity. Throughout history, the sciences have stored a heavy theoretical background by the desire to understand nature, to rationalize it. Scientific models are always more global and mankind sets up ever more effective techniques to control nature.

Computer techniques can simulate these scientific models and manipulate them with ease to form sensory experiences. The designer is engaged with tools with very broad parameters: the possibilities of forms underpinned by the algorithms seem endless.

A part of mankind productions and firstly the software appears headed more and more to an autonomous behavior. Forms emerge from programs to be printed in the material in an automated way. With advances in artificial life, we have the opportunity to give them a power of adaptation, replication or evolution. In this context the design process change and a new focus is on the structure of forms.